Are you looking for new and original ideas to add to your menu? One of the most effective ways to provide distinct menu items that are also likely to be popular is by combining cuisines. This is a risky game because not everything pairs well together. If, however, you have the right recipes, the results can be astounding.

At Olivieri® Foodservice, we’re committed to helping restaurants and dining establishments achieve success when it comes to high-quality food, culinary innovation, and customer satisfaction. Join us as we guide you through the best of fusion flavours. 

In this assortment of recipe ideas, we fuse our Italian-inspired ingredients with the cuisines of Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Mediterranean to create innovative meals that will help your establishment stand out from the crowd.

Canadian Cuisine Reimagined

As a Canadian company that specializes in Italian food, combining Canadian and Italian comes naturally to us. While Canada’s beloved poutine dish may have originated in casual cafes, there’s no reason why it can’t be revamped into a dish that’s elegant and unique with international charm.

Our Skillet Gnocchi Poutine does exactly that. Those who enjoy the flavours of this Canadian classic can now do so with a touch of Italian culinary charm in the form of our fresh gnocchi. Key ingredients, such as the cheese curds and gravy, remain the same as the original dish, but creative touches turn it into something with extra style and flair.

gnocchi-poutine-Buying Local Ingredients for Better Quality Menus blog
Skillet Gnocchi Poutine

Similarly, this Skillet Gnocchi Stix Poutine dish reimagines poutine in a way that the little ones are bound to enjoy. That’s because it features our Gnocchi Sticks which make a tasty and enjoyable finger food for customers of all ages.

Here’s a pasta dish with a Canadian twist: Braised Beef au jus Ravioli, Mushrooms, Maple Syrup and Québec Cheese Curds. Rich, hearty, and packed with the familiar flavours of Canadian maple syrup and cheese curds, it’s a dish that’s bound to satisfy lovers of Canadian cuisine. 

American Classics

Fries and chicken nuggets is a dish that children tend to love, as it’s easy to eat by hand and enjoyable with a dipping sauce such as ketchup. For style and originality, however, you can swap out the fries for our Gnocchi Sticks and prepare this Chicken Nuggets with Skillet Gnocchi Stix dish. 

Eggs Benedict is a classic American breakfast, but what happens when you combine it with our Italian-inspired Sticks? The answer is this Eggs Benedict with Skillet Gnocchi Stix meal, a breakfast or brunch dish full of familiar flavours but served in a creative fashion.

Skillet Mac and Cheese Bacon Gnocchi with Broccoli

Another popular American classic ingredient combo is mac and cheese. With our gnocchi and some greens, you get this Skillet Mac and Cheese Bacon Gnocchi with Broccoli, which often appeals to the taste buds of little ones.

Mexican Fusion

Not including Mexican food in fusion dishes would be an opportunity missed, but how can Mexican cuisine pair with Italian? Again, that’s where our delicious and versatile Gnocchi Sticks come into the picture, as they do in this Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Guacamole Dip meal, a starter or appetizer that’s simple and sure to be a hit.

For a delicious twist on nachos with an extra pillowy texture, Gnocchi Skillet Nachos make an excellent menu item. The Mexican ingredients are already popular in typical nachos dishes, but the gnocchi bring a sensation of comfort and heartiness to the meal. 

For customers who prefer original nachos to gnocchi in such dishes, we have a sauce to accompany their choice and bring satisfaction to every bite. Our Black Bean Salsa uses Italian-inspired Chunky Tomato & Basil Sauce as a dipping sauce for nachos or other chips.

Black Bean Salsa

Mediterranean Mixtures

Our journey across the culinary world brings us on to the Mediterranean. This sun-drenched and culturally diverse part of the world is renowned for its traditional and creative cuisine, just as much as its idyllic scenery and rich history. 

If you haven’t heard of tzatziki, it’s time to get in the know. Originating from Greece, this green and herbaceous sauce is traditionally made from yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, olive oil, and herbs. Its fresh taste and smooth texture make it ideal to use a dipping sauce, like in this Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Tzatziki Dip recipe.

Greek cuisine can also combine beautifully with Italian, as it does in this Greek Salad Tortellini, a burst of vibrant colours, nutritious ingredients, and highly satisfying flavours. This is one for customers to enjoy on summer evenings.

Skillet Gnocchi Stix with Tzatziki Dip

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