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Simplify kitchen complexity with high quality Pasta, Gnocchi and Sause ingredients

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Whether you’re creating menus for your restaurant or putting together catering options, our ingredients allow you to make a range of delicious dishes that will cut costs and save time.


Menu Ideas

Set your operation apart from competition by crafting the perfect menu for your customers. With our frozen pastas, sauces, and fresh gnocchi, the creative options are endless.


Kitchen Tips

Do more with less. From buying local to cooking with seasonal ingredients, there are plenty of ways your operation can complement our quality ingredients.  


Product Guides

Maximize your inventory with Individually Quick Frozen options: find out just how diverse our products can be and get  tips on how saving space, time, and costs!

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Reduce waste and training time with our selection of Individually Quick Frozen pastas. From ravioli to lasagna sheets, our pastas have multiple menu applications that will save you space, time, and money!


Discover how easy it is to use our selection of premium frozen sauces to make a variety of delicious dishes that you can use in everything from appetizers to main courses. Simply just thaw and use!



Our fresh gnocchi gives your operation the opportunity to create versatile and creative meals. Interested in incorporating this ingredient into your operations? Contact Olivieri® Foodservice to find out more information about different gnocchi varieties!