Cheese Cappelletti

Our Olivieri Cheese Cappelletti are a larger version of tortellini that you can proudly feature in endless main menu applications. Pasta dough made from durum wheat semolina, eggs, and water hat-shaped (Cappello) pasta filled with our signature blend of ricotta, Romano and Parmigiano cheeses. These cappelletti “large tortelloni” are hearty and delicious containing 19 grams of protein per serving. Bring class and style to your kitchen with Cheese Cappelletti – a gourmet pasta dish. All of our partially cooked pasteurized frozen pastas provide chefs with flexibility to cook to desired firmness consistently.

Key Benefits

  • Partially cooked offering a 37% higher yield per frozen portion than fully cooked pastas.
  • Cook to desired firmness consistently
  • Minimal training required
  • Does not require thawing, cook from frozen
  • Quick preparation time
  • Use with any Olivieri® sauce
  • Vegetarian option
  • Can create versatile and customizable dishes
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • Pasta is laminated for a smoother, flawless texture and mouthfeel
  • No artificial colouring or dyes
  • No preservatives or MSG added

Culinary Applications

Main Dish: Use with additional ingredients and an Olivieri® Sauce such as Classic Creamy Alfredo Sauce.
Soup: Toss a few of these cheesy cappelletti into a flavourful broth for a classic Italian menu item.
Bake: Bake it “al Forno” with melted cheese and breadcrumbs on top for a cheesy dish perfect for all ages.
Seasonal: Cappelletti is a popular pasta to eat for Christmas in Italy. Make a special for the holidays to celebrate Italian traditions.


  • 5 kg box
  • 32 Servings


  • 15 MONTHS
  • Shelf life once thawed: 3-4 days

Made in Canada
Local to Ontario

Fork with Cheese Cappelletti



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