Basil Pesto with Almonds

Basil Pesto with Almonds offers a distinct twist on one of the world’s most popular sauces. The added nutty notes bring an old-world feel to this versatile sauce. This flavourful herb-based sauce can be used in many different ways, from tossed with pasta, served as a dip or spread for appetizers, to garnishing dishes, as a salad dressing, as a topping for pizza, or as a marinade. When it comes to Basil Pesto with Almonds, the possibilities are endless!

Key Benefits

  • Distinct authentic and nutty flavour
  • Ready to use after defrosting
  • No time or labour required to prepare
  • Frozen, giving it a long shelf life in the freezer.
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • No artificial colouring or dyes
  • No preservatives or MSG added

Culinary Applications

Dips: Stir into dips such as hummus or sour cream for a delicious mix. Serve this sauce as a spread, alongside fresh focaccia or sourdough bread. Or, serve warm breadsticks with a generous portion of sauce!
Appetizers: Serve with some sliced tomato and cream cheese for a delicious snack.
Soups: Add to soups for more depth and flavour. Or, add a swirl of pesto to your stews for a striking meal.
Protein Pairings: Looking to harmonize flavours? This sauce tastes great with chicken, veggies, pumpkin and squash.
Meat Lovers Meal: Create skewers and drizzle with a delicious pesto.
Sandwich Dip: Make your traditional grilled cheese more exciting by adding pesto!


  • 4 x 2 kg
  • 33 servings per bag, 133 servings per case


  • 1 year
  • Once thawed, refrigerated for up to 20 days in an unopened package.
  • Once thawed and opened, 5 days.

Serving size

33 servings per bag, 133 servings per case

Made in Canada
Local to British Columbia




Nutrition Facts