Fresh Skillet Gnocchi

Revitalize your menu effortlessly with our latest addition! Introducing our versatile Fresh Skillet Gnocchi, crafted from a handful of wholesome ingredients. These soft, potato-based pillows are designed to elevate any dining experience as part of an appetizer, side dish, or main course.

In just 5 minutes, these skillet gnocchi promise a deeply satisfying and convenient culinary adventure. With no added preservatives, artificial colors, or flavours, they embody a commitment to pure, authentic taste.

For a delicious twist, pair them with Olivieri® Gourmet Tomato Sauce. This allows for a delightful dipping experience that’s even richer with freshly grated cheese, and seasoned with a pinch of salt. Transform your skillet gnocchi into an elegant dessert by sautéing in butter and generously coating them in cinnamon and sugar. Then serve with a side of caramel or dulce de leche for an indulgent Churro-Style Gnocch Bites experience.

When it comes to mains, our Fresh Skillet Gnocchi take centre stage, acting as a hearty pasta replacement in this Skillet Gnocchi Carbonara. Alternatively, they lend texture and depth to lighter meals, such as the refreshing Lemon Maple Skillet Gnocchi Salad.

Explore the dynamic role gnocchi plays in sides and appetizers, as demonstrated by these tantalizing Skillet Gnocchi Antipasto Bites. Or indulge in an exquisite Skillet Gnocchi recipe with a Creamy Pesto Dip, a flavourful union that promises to captivate every palate.

Dive into a world of culinary creativity and elevate your dining experience.

Contact us to find out more information about how our gnocchi varieties can help enhance your menu while simplifying your operations!

Key Benefits

  • Ideal for skillet & fryer applications
  • Crispy outside, soft and tender inside!
  • No boiling or draining required
  • Create a number of versatile dishes from appetizers to desserts
  • Easily make vegetarian menu options
  • Handmade artisanal quality that customers will appreciate
  • Made with high-quality ingredients
  • No artificial colouring or dyes
  • No preservatives or MSG added

Culinary Applications

As a topping: Revamp your salad with a touch of creativity by forgoing traditional croutons and instead, sprinkling crisp potato gnocchi for a unique and satisfying twist.
As a dessert: Create a sumptuous dessert board featuring gnocchi adorned with melted chocolate, ricotta cheese, and an array of other sweet ingredients for an indulgent and harmonious treat.
As a dip: Choose your favourite sauce, whether that’s creamy pesto, guacamole, or even hummus, and use Fresh Skillet Gnocchi for dipping, twirling, and scooping their flavours.
On skewers: Thread Fresh Skillet Gnocchi onto skewers with cherry tomatoes, olives, and feta, creating delightful Mediterranean-inspired snacks that are perfect for appetizers or tapas.
In fusion foods: Elevate the flavors of Tex-Mex creations, infuse an Italian-inspired twist, or reinvent classic Canadian dishes such as Poutine by using Fresh Skillet Gnocchi in various cuisines.


  • 6 x 800g (56 servings)


  • 65 days refrigerated shelf-life from production

Made in Canada
Local to Ontario

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Skillet Gnocchi Pack
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