Do you know pesto sauce as well as you think you do? You may be familiar with this popular Italian condiment, which originates from Genoa, but how well do you know its varieties? And how can you use them to upgrade and diversify menu options? 

Pesto comes in many different flavour varieties that extend beyond the typical green and herbaceous sauce we all know and love. By becoming acquainted with pesto in its different forms, you can open a world of opportunity for distinct dishes, impressive flavours, and meals that leave a lasting impression on customers. So what are those varieties?

Unique Pesto Sauce Varieties 

At Olivieri Foodservice®, we provide four varieties of pesto sauce that diverge from pesto in its regular form. Each of those sauces offer their own unique flavours and distinct appearance to make your recipes stand out. Let’s take a look at them and explore their best possible uses.

Supreme Basil Pesto – Our Supreme Basil Pesto Sauce is a one-of-a-kind and dazzling blend of familiarity, creativity, and versatility. While most customers recognize the flavours of this classic Italian sauce, this special blend of Genoa’s most popular dish component contains extra ingredients to set it apart from the rest. 

Customers may enjoy the delicious flavours of basil, oil, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses in dishes ranging from pasta and pizza meals to appetizers and more.

Basil Pesto with Almonds – This Basil Pesto with Almonds is another unique take on one of the world’s most popular sauces. The nutty overtones provide an old-world flavour to this adaptable sauce. 

Flavourful and herb-based, it can be used in various ways, including mixed with pasta, as a dip or spread for appetizers, for garnishing foods, as a salad dressing, a pizza topping, or a marinade. 

Basil Pesto with Almonds on Flatbread

Sundried Tomato Pesto – Our Sundried Tomato Pesto Sauce mixes fresh basil pesto with tangy sundried tomatoes for a rich and distinct flavour. It can be mixed with spaghetti, served as a dipping sauce, added to various meals, used as a salad dressing, topped with extra toppings on pizza, or marinated with meat. 

This sauce adds not only a unique flavour to your dishes but also a vibrant red colour, setting it apart from typical green pesto. It adds a well-balanced blend of herbs and the tang of sundried tomatoes to any Mediterranean-style chicken, pizza, or salad.

Red Pepper Pesto – Red Pepper Pesto is a savoury blend of basil, oil, parmesan cheese, and roasted red peppers that is ready to use.

This pesto type goes well with pasta, pizza, burgers, and bread as an appetizer, on a sandwich, or fajitas for extra flavour. Make your dish unforgettable by enjoying the richness of pesto with an underlying sweet and spicy taste of red pepper.

Using different pesto varieties for different recipes allows you to expand menu options with ease. 

Pesto-Inspired Side Dishes and Appetizers

For a starter or appetizer with vibrant colours and an elegant appearance, prepare this Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Crostini recipe. Easy to make, this dish requires minimal training and no cooking. It can be prepared in advance and stored at room temperature for hours. 

Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato Crostini

This Cheese-Filled Skillet Gnocchi With a Creamy Pesto Dip also makes a comforting and enjoyable starter. It can be made by combining a pesto sauce of your choice with white cheese and lemon juice. Each pesto variety will contribute its own unique flavour. 

Pesto Mains with Filled Pasta

Pesto sauces have an important role to play in main courses. In filled pasta dishes, they blend with various other flavours to create rich-tasting combinations. 

This Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Sacchettini in Basil & Cheese Pesto boasts chicken, bacon, and Fontina cheese. Experimenting with our different pesto varieties while making it gives you a range of menu items that are equally simple to prepare.

With fresh red tomatoes and vibrant green asparagus, this Chicken Pesto Tortellini with Cherry Tomatoes showcases nutritious ingredients and attractive colours. It’s a dish that tastes just as good as it looks.

Pesto Tortellini

Likewise, another colourful option that’s great for presentation is this Rainbow Tortellini with Basil and Cheese Pesto recipe. Whichever pesto you use, you’ll have a delicious dish to serve that brightens up the plate. 

Pesto Beyond Pasta

Pesto is not only for adding flavours to pasta. Mix your favourite variety into this Pepper and Onion Pesto Medley for a veggie-rich, attractive, and nutritious dish. 

For a hearty breakfast or brunch dish, this Breakfast Skillet Gnocchi with Mushrooms and Pesto is ideal. What’s more, its diverse set of ingredients can be easily adapted to cater to different dietary preferences. 

Pepper and Onion Pesto Medley

You can learn more about applying the right sauce to the right meal in our Guide to our Frozen Pasta Sauces